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O’Dempsey’s Cold One Pale Ale Honors Brewer’s Father

O’Dempsey’s (Atlanta, GA) fourth beer offering is a touching, sentimental tribute to brewery founder Randy Dempsey’s father. Randy wanted to brew a pale ale that his Dad would have wanted to take fishing. Randy notes:  He wouldn’t say “fetch me a brewskie” or “pass me a pint”, he just didn’t talk like that. However, he would ask for a COLD ONE when he felt like it so there’s where the name comes from.” The label image is Randy’s father fishing in the Arctic Ocean.

This American pale ale is brewed with Zythos hops, to give the beer some  tangerine, lemon grapefruit and pine notes. A nice warm weather drinker.

Style:Pale Ale
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: June, 2013

5.6% ABV