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Ochocinco Buys Homeless Guy “Porkchop” A Beer

Chad Johnson aka Ochocinco, recent tweeted he was buying a homeless man by the name of “Porkchop” a beer.  Actually, 24 beers to be exact. A few days ago, Porkchop apparently walked up to Mr. Johnson and asked for a beer. Not only did the former NFL player oblige, they partied for a good 48 hours.

Chad took Porkchop clothes shopping, the club and more, noting “Might as well go job hunting with “PorkChop” as well shit, we’re both unemployed shit.. y’all be safe tonight we about to turn up.”  

Perhaps the world WOULD be a better place if we would just take more time to buy each other a beer. Check out the 2 day party on Ocho’s Twitter feed.