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Nogne-O’s Norwegian-Australian Collaboration

Nogne-O (Grimstad, Norway) is importing a hoppy saison.  Brewed with Bridge Road Brewers in Australia.  Founded in 2005.  This beer is described as – “A Dry Ale fermented with Belgian Yeast and Assertively Hopped with Rare Australian hops.”

Label:  India-style Saison is the hoppy, crisp and refreshing  result of a north south collaboration.  Classic Belgian malts and yeast, pungent Australian new hop varieties and clean Norwegian water.  Serve chilled and enjoy with cheeses and charcuterie.  This product is bottle conditioned and has a slight sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

Style: Saison/Belgian Strong Ale  (Uses Belgian ale yeast, saison?)

Availability:  16.9oz bottles

7.5% ABV