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No Red Brick Beer Harmed After Copper Theft

Copper thieves struck Red Brick Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia late Thursday night.   Dirty thieving butt holes cut a hole in a fence on site and damaged an industrial chiller that was attached to fermenters in brewery.  The affected tanks contained Wee Heavy (coming in 2012) and 17th Anniversary Ale.  17th Anni was in the most danger, as it has been fermenting for less than 24 hours.

After speaking with Red Brick sales manager Jason Topping, all beer at Red Brick made it through the incident unharmed.    The larger of Red Brick fermenters can hold up to $80,000 in potential revenue.  Estimated damage to the chiller is close to $5,000 dollars.  The thieves got away with around $250 dollars in copper.