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No Bud Clydesdales In Rose Parade

2012 will make the first year in 58 years that the infamous (and beautiful) Budweiser Clydesdales will not appear in the Parade Of Roses.

We’ve truly enjoyed being a part of the Rose Parade and appreciate the great work on our floats over the years,” Rob McCarthy, an Anheuser-Busch vice president, told the Pasadena Star-News in a statement.

Why?  Apparently the company is pulling out of events like this to be apart of new events to better target beer drinkers. [KTLA]

2 thoughts on “No Bud Clydesdales In Rose Parade

  1. So sad that the people at the Rose Parade and those world-wide watching on television have been deprived of seeing those beautiful horses because of the greed of the new owners who think the appearance of the horses wouldn’t promote enough beer sales to make it worthwhile.  The Clydesdales were as much of a draw to the Rose Parade as the floats!!!  Very selfish, indeed, to pull them from the parade!!!!

  2. What i dont understand is how pulling out of the parade would help sell more beer. Braking traditions upsets people and ill likely lead to loosing customers that feel betrayed. It shows the company is more worried about money then pleaseing customers. Breaking traditions like this is just bad for buissenss.

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