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Next Up In Goose Island’s Fulton & Wood: Gran GÃ¥s

Goose Island’s Fulton and Wood Series continues with Gran GÃ¥s, a European inspired recipe. Gran GÃ¥s translates to “spruce goose” thanks to spruce tips from Scandinavia that are added to the beer.

Gran Gas, literally translated ‘spruce goose’ in Swedish, was brewed with two-hundred-and-twenty pounds of hand-picked Spruce tips from Colorado, giving the beer a strong piney aroma with a hint of melon. The herbal character of the fresh spruce tips are complemented by the addition of a spicy Belgian yeast. A secondary fermentation with the lingonberries gives the beer a beautiful reddish-honey color that finishes tart and slightly sweet. With influences and ingredients from all over the globe, Gran Gas is truly an international drinking experience

Availability: Draft only

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