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NEW RELEASE: Shipyard Double Old Thumper

Just released is Shipyard Brewing’s bigger, bolder version of the breweries year round beer Old Thumper Extra Special Ale by Ringwood Brewing, in the United Kingdom.  Stateside Shipyard brews Old Thumper as well.  Double Old Thumper is a year round offering.

Double Old Thumper is the big brother of the British Grand Champion beer Old Thumper Extra Special Ale, which was created in 1979 by veteran British brewer, Peter Austin, founder of the Ringwood Brewery in Hampshire, England, and brewed in the United States solely by Shipyard. Shipyard’s Master Brewer Alan Pugsley trained at the Ringwood Brewery before moving to the United States 25 years ago.  Double Old Thumper was created by Pugsley and has 11.2% alcohol by volume. “Despite its strength, this beer is a great example of balance between malt and hops lending to a surprising drinkability,” noted Pugsley.

Style: ESB
Hops: Challenger, Progress, Goldings, Simcoe
Malt: 2-row British Pale Ale, Crystal, Chocolate
Yeast: Top-Fermenting English

Taste Expectations: Caramel malts, spicy/herbal hops.  Alcohol is prevalent, some light fruits intermingle.

Availability: 22oz bombers, draft. Year round offering.

ABV: 11.2%

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