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NEW RELEASE: New Belgium’s Eric’s Ale

This one is quite interesting.  Just released by New Belgium – Eric’s Ale.  (FT Collins, Colorado)  Eric’s Ale is an American Wild Ale and a part of the Lips of Faith series.  Wild Ales are beers that have a wild yeast added during the brew process.  Brettanomyces is one of the more popular wild yeasts.  There are several techniques to add this yeast, but for the sake of this update know there’s wild yeast in it.  This yeast will give the beer a “funk” which is entirely intentional, and sometimes sour.

Eric’s Ale is both fruity and sour.   Its a sour beer aged up to 3 years in oak with peach juice.  From New Belgium

Eric’s Ale, named for long time New Belgium brewer Eric Salazar, combines a dry, sour beer aged up to three years in oak foeders with a semi sweet, higher alcohol base beer. The resulting blend is re-fermented with peach juice, creating a smooth ale with subtle peach tones and a warm, spicy finish. The aroma has pleasant hints of vanilla and tropical fruit, the wood characteristics are present but nicely muted.

A sour beer for those who don’t like sour beers. And a fruit beer for those who don’t like fruit beers.

Availability – 22 oz bombers.  No draft offerings specified.  Retail around $8 a bottle.  Very few cases shipped to Georgia. Don’t hesitate.  It’s gotten rave reviews

7% ABV