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New In Bottle – New Belgium’s Mighty Arrow

This post is a little late, but here it is.  New Belgium just released their first IPA – dubbed Ranger last week.  Alongside Ranger comes Mighty Arrow Pale Ale, a seasonal release.

Mighty Arrow is named after a New Belgium employee’s dog “Arrow,” a Aussie/Border Collie mix who walked the brewery grounds for 12 years.  Arrow would make office visits for belly rubs.  Commemorating Arrow, is this Pale Ale.  Here is your ingredient rundown –

Hops – Amarillo, Cascade.

Malts – Honey Malts

ABV – 6%

IBU’s – 35  (Low bitterness)

Mighty Arrow is very easy drinking, with a nice hop nose.  There are hints of grapefruit and citrus, and not very bitter.

Available seasonally – in 12oz/6 packs.  Also current tapping now at various places all over Atlanta.