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New Glarus Is Adding A Dedicated Lambic Cellar

Reason to start drooling.  New Glarus Brewing Co.  (New Glarus, WI) is adding a dedicated lambic cellar.  A lambics is a spontaneously fermented beer, exposed to wild yeasts, instead of cultivated/controlled strains.  In Belgium, brewers like Cantillion allow the wild yeast from around Brussels in the air “breeze in” and ferment the beer.   In the case of New Glarus, the wild yeast and bacteria that will spontaneously ferment (and funk up) the beer resides in the wood of the vessels seen above.

Lambic style beers give rise to other styles, like gueuze, faro, & kriek beers.

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  1. Today, The NPR program “Fresh Air” aired an interview with Sandor Katz about fermentation. You can hear it here:  Seeing this post after hearing the interview made the whole fermentation process all the more interesting. We have a nephew who once told us that he was in a primitive area in South America wehre the people chewed something to ferment it and he drank the beverage from that. We all wondered what that was all about. This “Fresh Air” interview explained it. You are so cool, New Glarus.

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