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New Belgium Headed To Michigan

New Belgium Brewing continues to grow.  The brewery has announced today that they will start shipping to the state of Michigan in August of 2012.  That brings the overall state distribution to 29. (Plus D.C.) of course.   Similar to other state rollouts, Michigan will first receive 22 oz bombers, then draft and 12 oz bottles.

“We’re incredibly excited to start shipping beer to Michigan,” said New Belgium spokesman, Bryan Simpson. “It’s a craft savvy state with a strong tradition of producing creative and innovative beers. We look forward to joining that community and helping to grow the fan base for craft beer.”

The distibutor list is as follows:

Anderson Distributing Co.—Coors
Atlas Distributing-AB
Bud Distributing-AB
Earl Smith Distributing-AB
Fabiano Brothers-AB
Floral City Beverage-AB
Four Seasons Beer Distributors — AB, Miller,Coors
Great Lakes Distributing Co. —AB
Griffin Beverage- AB
H. Cox & Son-AB, Coors
Hubert Distributing-AB
Huron Distributing-AB
Ludington Beverage —AB
Main Beverage-AB
Marchetti Distributing —AB, Miller
Mervenne Beverage —AB
O & W-Miller
Peterlin Distributing- AB
Peteprin Distributing-AB
Pike Distributing- AB
Tyler Sales Co-AB
Westside Distributing Co.-AB

Where: Michigan
When: August, 2012