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New Belgium Announces Asheville Brewery Opening Date

New Belgium Asheville Brewery Announcement Opening

New Belgium announced today that their new Asheville-based brewery will be opening in Spring 2016, coinciding with the brewery’s 25th anniversary.

New Belgium began planning the new brewery back in 2013. Below is a look at the Western Carolina Livestock Market, the site of the Asheville brewery.

New Belgium will begin pouring at the new site in February, 2016, and will begin tours in March of next year.

The brewery’s 25th anniversary party will be August 27, 2016.

Below, Past & Present. A look at the new Asheville location before and after the renovation and brewery build. 


New Belgium Old Building

The Western Carolina Livestock Building New Belgium is renovating for new Asheville brewery.

New Belgium new Asheville brewery building

New Belgium’s new Asheville brewery mid-construction on the site of the old Western Carolina Livestock Market.