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New BeerPouch Makes Growlers Passe

Have you ever seen a full growler fall to the ground and shatter into a million pieces with beer sadly covering the floor? Well, we have, and it’s not a pretty sight. Meet the BeerPouch. It’s like a giant Capri Sun for beers, in fact that’s what it was modeled after.

This bad boy looks like a child’s toy, but actually holds 64oz of beer just like a glass growler plus it holds carbonation, keeps sunlight out, and is easier to transport. Isn’t the future awesome? According to its creator Kevin Tubbs Altamont Beer Works in CA was the first to adopt the new technology inspired by a local 2-day music festival. Once they’re empty, just roll them up and put it in your backpack or pocket. For more information and to get your own check out BeerPouch’s website here.

17 thoughts on “New BeerPouch Makes Growlers Passe

  1. Count us in! This invention is the biggest breakthrough in carbonated beverage packaging we have ever seen. This will surely change the way carbonated beverages are packaged worldwide. Shipping flat pouches must save a fortune over glass and cans. The carbon footprint of these kinds of pouches is well known to be only a fraction of what you would see in a bottle or can. A solid gold winner for beer and the planet. Genius! Where can we buy them?

  2. …follow website link, above. Looks like $6 each, when you buy 10…$5 each when you buy 20…and so forth…

  3. how’s the average bar/retailer/whatever going to fill something like that without massive amounts of product loss?

  4. Less carbon footprint, yada yada… they look single-use to me.. or at least limited when compared to glass.

    • These aren’t any more single use than a canteen or a camel back. It’s a bladder, more or less. These are fantastic. Would love to see 12 and 24 packs of beer in similar packaging.

  5. Would be great for beach or boating, especially hiking!!! Also, smaller carbon footprint? How well does it hold carbonation? How easy is it to sanitize and reuse? Is there a tap or spigot on it? Does it collapse automatically as beer is drawn out? Is it recyclable as well?

    • We talked to them. Re useable, recyclable, re purposable, and built sturdy. They told me that customers use them over and over.

  6. I love the idea, obviously shipping them around is 1000x better for the environment. I fell like to hold carbonation though they would need to have enough gas in the headspace to be rigid, in which case if you dropped one wouldn’t it pop? It is basically what we call a goon bag in Australia for boxed wine with a bladder and tap inside a cardboard box. Until I can get a tester of one over here I’ll stick with my growler… Stays cold for 24 hours and has a tapping system that uses soda bulbs to expel oxygen and keep you beer foamy and fresh

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