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Mystery Brewing’s Fall Offerings

Mystery Brewing

Mystery Brewing (Hillsborough, NC) has sent over their list of fall beers/offerings.  Below is the list, and descriptions straight from the source. You don’t see much Mystery far from the Hillsborough, but if get a change at a pint, don’t pass it up.

Pickwick English Mild Ale – Traditional English-style mild ale, based on a historic recipe. Light, crisp and malty, with a kiss of hops.

Fantine Red Belgian IPA – Built on an Irish Red recipe, hopped with tangeriney Summit hops, fermented with Belgian Abbey yeast.  Crazy delicious.

Rosalind Autumnal Saison – Light, crisp, slightly hoppier saison.  Light bitterness plays with our house yeast for a refreshing farmhouse ale.
Thornfield’s End Smoked Rye Stout – Robust and smokey.  The milk-chocolatey flavor of roasted rye malt is complimented by the rich meatiness of cherry smoked malt.
Wine-Barrel Aged Hornigold Oak-Aged English IPA – Last year’s fall IPA, aged 9 months in wine casks with fresh local hops, dry hopped with a load of Fuggles and Goldings hops.  Like IPA would have tasted 150 years ago with a hint of wine fruitiness.
Westoberfest Octoberfest – Our own Octoberfest, released at Octoberfest like an Octoberfest should be.  Rich Vienna and Munich malts blended with traditional Hallertau Herbrucker hops.