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Moonshot Beer Officially Dead Thanks To FDA

Moonshot Beer

Moonshot Beer

Remember the hoopla surrounding Four Loko a few months ago?  The source of the issue – caffeine and alcohol.  Four Loko WAS an alcoholic energy drink that the FDA got all huffy about because some stupid kids drinking too much.  So, the government played the “we know what’s best” card and told Four Loko to change the formula, or stop making the drink all together.   In the same stroke, this opened up the scope of caffeine and energy drinks to Moonshot beer, brewed by New Century Brewing. (They also make Edison Light.)  Unable to reverse the FDA ban, Rhonda Kallman has closed the brewery.   The quote from the Mass Market pretty much sums up the issue:

“The FDA decided that mixing Red Bull and vodka is tantamount to drinking Moonshot and that neither is safe,” Kallman writes. “But since they have no control over mixed drinks, they decided to regulate Moonshot. … Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that the officials I met with alluded to the fact that they are not done regulating.”

There is an allusion that there could be more from the FDA beyond what we have already seen.  Moonshot was available in Los Angeles, Boston, & Atlanta.  Here’s a chance to sound off. Regardless of what your thoughts on the beer are (flavor-wise), is the FDA/ U.S. Government intervening too much? After all, you have to be 21 to purchase the alcohol anyway…  <MassMarket>

3 thoughts on “Moonshot Beer Officially Dead Thanks To FDA

  1. Thank you, FDA.  This woman annoyed me in Beer Wars and her product sucked, yet she couldn’t seem to grasp that fact.

  2. Maybe you should just make a list of everyone who annoys you and whose product you do not like and tell the FDA to shut them down too because we wouldn’t want Mr. Mjl upset LOL

  3. @”Mr MJL”: Nail on the head. Her product sucked, and she sold it to the same crowd of no-tastes that AB/Miller/Coors sells their crap to (“It’s literally the ultimate party beer”, her words, literally, shortly before she took abuse from one of their numbskull customers “so it’s like a cure for whiskey d***”). Hope she’s doing well, but glad her stupid idea failed.

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