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MillerCoors Third Shift Amber Lager Debuts

MillerCoors has been experimenting.  With what?  Everything from coconuts, apples, & more.  One of particular interest?  Amber Lager. The Third Shift signals a new series from MillerCoors.

Amber Lager is born out of experimentation by MillerCoors brewers.  Third Shift just won an award at the 2012 World Beer Cup.  Described on a sales sheet as – “Sweet maltiness that dominates slightly over a clean, hop bitterness.”

AdAge reports that Third Shift Amber Lager has already made debuts in Nevada, Texas, and some of California.

Speculation:  Amber Lager is hoping to be some competetion for Yuengling, a brand currently on fire.




7 thoughts on “MillerCoors Third Shift Amber Lager Debuts

  1. Not sure it tastes much like Yuengling, but it was a good pour. Had I known it was from MillerCoors I’d have never ordered it. I found out when I went home and looked it up after pondering how good it tasted.

  2. Good beer, I had a 6 pack on the way home from a business trip, then got another the other night as it is quite smooth and enjoyable!

  3. I think this beer is a ” livin on the wild side” beer for
    watery coors light and bud light fans !… Not a true craft brew !!

  4. Another fake craft beer…the big guns want every possible piece of market share. They will prostitute themselves every way possible to get your dollars even if it means adding lime …lol.
    Don’t be a Rube… Support real craft breweries!

  5. i found this beer to be pretty tame with nothing enticing me to buy another 6 pack. Better than budweiser black but definitely not going to be interrupting my support for craft brews.

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