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Miller Lite Sales Decline Due to Heavy Rain?

Miller Lite is having issues on the sales front.  In the second quarter, the light beer fell by mid single digits across retailers.

MillerCoors is citing a few reasons for the decline.  Depressed economy, higher gas prices, even heavy rainfall. Yes, heavy rainfall.  Apparently bad weather prevents people from going to stores and bars to buy Miller Lite.

This could put more marketing pressure on DraftFCB, Millers Marketing Firm.   DraftFCB is responsible for the “Man Up” and “Lite Guard” campaigns.  Apparently there is no talk in MillerCoors about a bigger marketing push.

This might be a sign of something bigger for Miller.  The new CEO has already said “craft is the future.”  Drinkers have more options today then they had 15 years ago, or even 2 years ago.  Brands like Miller Lite will always have a market, but perhaps not as strong as it was just one year ago.

One last solution was discussed to help revitalize the brand – lower the cost.  However that might not be an option.  “We consider the price on the brand every day by market.” But he said a general price decrease would not work because “taking a brand down, it almost never comes back.” [AdvertisingAge]

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