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Mikkeller Spontaneous Series: SpontanGooseberry

Mikkeller SpontanGooseberry

Mikkeller (Denmark) released a series of spontaneously fermented beers in 2012, each featuring a different fruit addition. 2013 should see a new round of those funky beers. The base beer for SpontanGooseberry is a lambic. Mikkeller threw in gooseberries for this addition.

The gooseberry is native to Europe, grows on a bush, and basically tastes like a sour grape. We’re pretty sure you can expect a base SpontanAle without fruit additions for your comparison.

Style: Lambic (w/ Gooseberries. Oak Aged)
Availability: 11.2oz bottles
Arrival: TBA (2013)

7.7% ABV 

Lambic, The Rundown. 

A lambic is a spontaneously fermented beer. What’s that? The beer is exposed to wild yeasts and bacteria. In this case (most likely) these wild yeasts live in the oak of the barrels they are aged in. The result is a tart/sour tasting beer.