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Metal Band Motorhead Launches Own Beer

The English rock band Motorhead, especially known for songs like Ace Of Spades, now has their own beer – Bastards Lager. The beer is currently making its debut in Sweden.  The new rockin lager is described as crisp and slightly fruity, with a hint of citrus.

“Motorhead Bastards Lager is a gloriously fresh and fruity beer with a wonderful character of light malt. It’s easy to drink but has a hard rock edge. It’s perfect for all those occasions when you feel that craving for a cold beer such as those summer barbecues and picnics, naturally with music pumping at full blast through the loudspeakers. This Bastard has a refreshing, zesty taste with a nice malt curve and a hint of citrus. A quality beer that can be appreciated by rock ‘n’ roll fans of all ages.”

This isn’t the band’s first alcoholic beverage. The band already has a Shiraz wine, a rose on the way, along with a vodka.  They aren’t the only rock band bring out wines recently.  AC/DC and Slayer both have done the same.  Slayer’s red wine is dubbed Reign in Blood, so named for one of their most popular and demonic songs.  AC/DC has a few wines – included Highway To Hell, Hells Bells, & more.

As for Motorhead’s Bastard Lager? Only Sweden for now. You’ll have to settle for Mastodon stateside for the time being. Or if you absolutely have to, Mmm Hop.

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Rock out.