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Meet the Brewer – Francois de Harenne, Orval – Wrapup

Francois de Harenne (on rt.)

Francois de Harenne (on rt.)

Another great opportunity to meet a beer brewer has come and gone — and this time it was even more unique and special. Francois de Harenne made it all the way from Belgium to 5 Seasons Westside. I found it to be an honor to have Orval with the brewer himself.

As it turns out, Francois de Harenne’s great grandmother provided the land/money to rebuild Orval in the later 1920’s. Francois has been connect to Orval for generations now. He shared a lot of info out how the beer is brewed, and even shared tips about yeast and fermentation to homebrewers.

Again, special thanks to 5 Seasons West, Hop City, and Merchant du Vin.