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Marin Brewing ES Chai Fights Beer Gut?

Marin Brewing ES Chai

Marin Brewing has just released E.S. Chi Tonic Herbal Ale.   The beer is a proprietary blend of  wild Chinese herbs prepared by Master Herbalist Yen-Wei Choong, Lic. Acupuncturist., director of Yellow Emperor Natural Healing Center and Zen Garden: Chinese Healing Herbs in San Anselmo, CA. Dr. Choong, Marin Brewing Company owner Brendan Moylan and Brewmaster Arne Johnson all collaborated on this Asian flaired brew.

The herbs in this beer have been used  Chinese medicine for thousands of years.  They are known for boosting metabolism, energy level and for reducing weight gain, or “pumpkin belly.”  (Beer GUT)

Style: Herbed/Spice Beer
Hops:  UK Kent Goldings
Malts:  Golden Promise

Availability:  22oz bombers, Draft

5% ABV