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The man that sued 21st Amendment is now suing Pabst Blue Ribbon

Brendan Peacock, the man that sued 21st Amendment in early 2017, is suing another brewery. This time, it’s Pabst Blue Ribbon.

This lawsuit is focused on the Olympia Beer brand, owned by PBR, and their slogan “It’s in the water”.

The beer’s description uses the term “pure mountain water” in the course of describing the beer’s ingredients. Peacock, 37, asserts in the filing that allusion that the water originates from a spring in Tumwater, Washington is false. In reality, the water is sourced from reservoirs Los Angeles County.

That doesn’t sit well with Peacock, who identifies himself as a  “beer, and craft beer consumer” according to the March 15th filing in California Eastern District Court, Sacramento Office.

He purchased the beer from a grocery store in April of last year and was deceived by the advertising. Apparently, it is unclear where the water actually comes from in the Los Angeles County. Peacock obviously did some Googling and found stories of groundwater contamination dating back to the years prior to his ill-fated purchase.

Peacock is seeking class-action status. This isn’t his first lawsuit rodeo either.

In Spring of 2017, Peacock sued 21st Amendment Cafe, (Case # 3:17-cv-01918) stating he paid a premium price for the craft beer, thinking it was brewed in California. In reality, some of the beer was being produced in Minnesota (as the brewery mentioned on their website) while they built their San Leandro facility. That fact didn’t sit well with Peacock who is upset the beer was not brewed in the bay area, prompting the lawsuit.

An “Order to File Stipulation of Dismissal” was just filed on March 6th. It appears that 21st Amendment is settling with Peacock. A dismissal or statement on the case is due April 20th.

Peacock has also sued a guacamole maker over ingredient and marketing as well.

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