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Lost Abbey’s Rocks Mötley Crüe In Track #5

Lost Abbey Track #5 Shout At The Devil

Lost Abbey (San Marcos, CA) is releasing a series of musically-themed beers this year.  Once a month, the beer wizards at Lost Abbey a new rock-related concoction never seen before.  Track #5 “Shout At The Devil.” Don’t go looking for this in stores, you can only buy this at the brewery. (And can only drink it there too.)  #5 is a blend of Red Poppy & Framboise de Amorosa. Shout At The Devil is Mötley Crüe’s second album.

Track 5 is a blend of two of our best fruited sour beers. An equal blend of Red Poppy and Framboise de Amorosa. Once the beers were blended we added additional fruit and let them rest in another set of French Oak barrels. The aroma is an explosion of red wine and oak notes. A jammy fruit presence dominates the mid-palate of the beer before a bracing tannin-laced dryness pervades the finish.

All told an exceptionally complex marriage between fruit, oak, and red wine expressions.

Style: American Wild Ale (Oak Aged, w/ raspberries & cherries)
Availability: 12.7 oz bottles. Brewery release only.
Arrival: 5/19/12

7.7% ABV

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