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Lost Abbey Cable Car Kriek So Rare, You Drink It There

The Lost Abbey, will all be premiering Cable Car 2011 on Saturday, November 12th.  The beer will be made available at 3 locations – Toronado (San Diego) and Toronado (San Francisco) and The Lost Abbey.  The beer is so rare in fact, that you have to consume the $40, 750ml bottle on site.

 Per Lost Abbey:

A select number of Cable Car 2011 bottles on sale Saturday afternoon beginning at 5pm. Details are as follows:

  • What: Cable Car Kriek 2011
  • Where: Lost Abbey Tasting Room
  • How Much: $40 per 750ml bottle
  • When: Bottles go on sale at 5pm and will remain on sale until the allotment runs out (most likely only an hour or two)
  • Caveats: Extremely Limited release(read: only a few dozen bottles); must be consumed on premises – absolutelyno carry-out.