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Lindeman’s U.S. Debut!

Merchant Du Vin just recently announced the national launch of Lindeman’s Faro.   Faro is an authentic lambic from the Senne River Valley, Belgium (near Brussels) brewed by Lindeman’s since 1978.

This lambic is a Faro style beer.  Faro beers are indeed lambics, but with the addition of Belgian candi sugar to lighten the body of the beer.  It is spontaneously fermented lambic, which are some of the worlds rarest beers and hard to come by stateside.  In Belgium you will find numerous brewed with this fermentation.  This form of fermentation uses a wild Belgian yeast, instead of a cultivated one.  The beer is exposed to wild uninhibited yeast and bacteria.  The result is (simply stated) the funk and sour flavors that draw so many to Belgian style beers.

Brewery Description

“Faro is a Flemish classic, served throughout pubs in Brussels but uncommon outside Belgium. Historically, sugar or sugar syrup was sometimes added to young, unblended lambic by a bartender — it helped balance the lambic’s tart acidity — and soon Belgian brewers began to add candi sugar to lambic at the brewery to make bottled faro.

Lindemans Faro is fermented by the numerous strains of wild airborne yeast that are found in the lambic region — an area only 15 by 75 miles, southwest of Brussels, where all lambics are produced. Faro shows a fruit and caramel aroma, balanced by the subtle complexity and refreshing acidity of the many yeast strains in lambic. The flavor starts sweet, with suggestions of brown sugar or orange marmalade, and finishes with some crispness and a green-apple tartness; the color is deep amber.”

Availability – 12 oz Capped, corked & foiled bottles – around $6- $7 dollars each.

Taste Expectations – Tart, with a cidery mouthfeel.  The sweet and sour notes tend to teeter totter across your palette as you drink.  A very interesting lambic specimen.

4% ABV

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