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Lagunitas Plans On Going Big. 49 States Big

This is a big jump for a brewery.  Lagunitas Brewing has plans to expand into 49 states after they get done expanding in April.  The brewery is currently in 35 states.  Whose left out?  Tennessee.  Stringent high alcohol laws prevent Lag’s beers from being sold there.  (Good job prudes.)

Post expansion, Lagunitas will make a jump from 185,000 barrels (5,735,000 gallons) to 600,000 barrels (18,600,000 gallons). That’s basically going from making 61 million bottles of beer to 198 million. Big jump.   The expansion entails a larger brewhouse, more fermentation space, larger kegging line, faster bottling line.  Everything you need to make millions of gallons of beer,  and in the hand of thirsty folks.  In comparison, Leinenkugel’s makes close to the same among of beer, according to John Leinenkugel.  This year should mark a 31% growth in sales for the Petaluma, California brewery.  IPA is their best seller.  [ShankenNews]

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  1. I also hope this means wider distribution in states they are already in. I’d love to be able to buy bombers of Hop Stoopid in my nearest grocery store.

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