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Kona Debuts New Embossed Bottles

Liquid Aloha indeed. Kona Brewing is updating their labels and designs and along with it the look of their bottles. Look for the new embossed 12 oz bottles with the Hawaiian chain of islands and the words ‘Liquid Aloha’ on the neck and newly hand-illustrated die cut art on the bottle. The bottles themselves are slimmer and more sleek allowing for lighter packaging and reducing their carbon footprint.

“While most brewers use the same mold for their bottles, Kona Brewing is taking a giant leap to have a custom one built. The new labels really mimic the vivid hues I’m lucky enough to see everyday in Hawaii. My favorite design element is the embossed island chain with Liquid Aloha on the shoulder of the bottle–it makes for a more tactile experience because you can literally feel Hawaii as you drink a Kona brew” Kona Brewing company president Mattson Davis.