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Karbach Brewing Co Joins Canning Trend

Karbach Brewing Company has been successfully selling their beer (draft only) in Houston bars and restaurants since last fall, but now they are taking the next step: canning.  This week they were able to put their new $100k canning system to work.  The canning system was made by Cask Brewing System who also made the first craft beer canning line for Oskar Blues.

Karbach’s  first brew to be canned was Sympathy for Lager which will be sold at local retail locations and some restaurants and bars starting on March 5th.  Weisee Versa, Hopadillo IPA, (six-packs) and Rodeo Clown Imperial IPA (four-packs) will also be canned and sold at current and additional locations.

Brewmaster Eric Warner has this to say about his reasons for wanting to can their beer:

Cans protect beer more completely from sunlight and provide a better seal from oxygen; cans weigh less and thus reduce transportation costs; cans are recycled in much higher numbers than glass; cans fit an active, outdoor lifestyle.

As well as canning, Karbach Brewing Company is also expanding.  They will be installing nine new fermentation tanks taking them from 10,000 barrels annually to 15,000 barrels.

[Karbach Brewing Company]

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