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Jester King RU-55, A Robotic Sour Red

Some sour Jester KingRU-55 Barrel Aged Sour Red Ale. A red ale soured in oak barrels. RU has been showing up a festivals, and special brewery tastings.

For generations, the farms of West Flanders have been tended to by large, anthropomorphic automations. In recent years, many of these farms have been taken over by large, multinational corporations, and their automations replaced by shiny new electronic robots. Scattered about the countryside, however, there are still a few intrepid farmers who insist on doing things the old-fashioned way.

Style: Flanders Red Ale (Oak Barrel Aged)
Hops: Czech Saaz, East Kent Goldings
Malts: Organic Munich, Two-Row, Pilsner. Non-Organic CaraRed, Crystal, Melandoidin, Roasted Barley)
Availability: 750 ml bottles

Arrival: Distribution – Late Dec/Jan 2013

 7.3% ABV, 16 IBUs