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Jester King’s 2nd Sour. A Unique Process

Jester King Brewery (Texas) is soon to release their second barrel aged sour- Omniscience & Proselytism. Let’s tackle the big words first. Omniscience means “knowing it all” and Proselytism “is the act of converting one to another religion or opinion.” Perhaps this all knowing beer is meant to convert those unknowing to the sour/wild side.

O & P has all Texas fruit, namely strawberries from Fredericksburg, Texas. The fruit was added in April, then refermented in oak ever since. This is important. Jester King wants the strawberries to come in contact with the microorganisms to break down sugars and create new flavors and compounds. These Texas organisms are unique to the brewery and surrounding area. You can’t recreate this beer anywhere else.

Only about 500 bottles of this beer will be made available.

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Strawberries)
Availability: 500 ml bottles
Arrival: 10/27/13

5% ABV


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