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James Bond Speaks: Heineken Deal Unfortunate, Necessary

So James Bond will be dropping his signature drink (the shaken, not stirred martini) for a Heineken.  The $45 million dollar deal places Heineken in the hands of one of the most epic heroes of all time.  The reception of the move, has been a little frigid.   At the National Expo in Atlanta, Georgia (where the move was first revealed), a lot of the audience (comprised of employees) cheered.  I did however, see a few head shakes and face palms.

The actor who will play James Bond in the upcoming Skyfall movie Daniel Craig told Movie Fone:   “The simple fact is that, without them, we couldn’t do it. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is.  This movie costs a lot of money to make, it costs as nearly as much again if not more to promote, so we go where we can.”  Apparently the new Bond movie cost a lot to make.

The deal goes beyond Bond drinking Heineken in the movie.  There will be commercials (they previewed pieces of them at the expo), special edition bottles, and printed ads kicking off this summer.

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  1. Will most likely be the first Bond movie release I don’t bother to go see in the theater. Ian Fleming is probably turning is his grave. You would think they could have found a major vodka label to sponsor the drinking of martinis with their product.

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