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It’s Now A Lottery For Upland Sours

Upland Brewing Co has switched to a lottery when it comes to getting a hold of their sours.  The first come, first serve method just sucked.

Due to limited quantity and the speed with which reservations for our sour ales have been filling up, we are using a lottery system for the second blend of our Sour Reserve rather than the first-come-first-served reservation system we have used in the past, so we can see how this all works out. 

From June 7th to June 14th, visit  You can enter the lottery to buy one bottle of Sour Reserve.  Check where you want to get your bottle (Bloomington Brew Pub or Indy Tasting Room)

Winners selected June 15th.  Buy your bottle from 6/20 – 7/3 for $25 dollars.  

About Sour Reserve:

Our Sour Reserve is inspired by the breweries of Belgium, which for hundreds of years have blended together different batches of unfruited lambic to make a style known as Gueuze. Inspired by this tradition, head brewery Caleb Staton has been blending together his favorite batches of our own lambic-style beer into a single barrel to create a unique combination of flavors and aromas that can never be replicated.

2 thoughts on “It’s Now A Lottery For Upland Sours

    • Jared, I have a bottle!!!

      Sour Reserve #1 was awesome!! I hope #2 can live up to hype!!
      Caleb at Upland is putting Indiana on map of good Beer!

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