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#IPADay At SweetWater Brewery, The Wrap Up [VIDEO]

This is Beer Street Journal’s wrap up of  #IPADay 2013 from SweetWater Brewery.  The brewery has trended the last two years as one the hoppiest hot spots on this day in social media. The lineup is of course crazy. A sampling of the hop love includes Chocolate Bourbon IPA, Whiskey Barrel IPA, Hop Hash IPA, Some Strange (Dank Tank throwback), Double Bourbon Aged IPA, plus all the cask offerings.

All and all it was yet another successful IPA Day across the U.S. Here at SweetWater,  5 IPA cask variations were gone in an hour. I’m pretty sure the barrel aged IPAs blew at the same time. One thing’s for sure, America’s love affair with hops continues. Check out the video above and the pics below. Cheers until next year.