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Inside Uinta’s Redesign


Uinta Brewing talks about their new redesign a press release

A Redesign for Uinta Brewing Company

September 6, 2011 SALT LAKE CITY–  Uinta Brewing Company recently unveiled its new logo offering the first glance of Uinta’s comprehensive redesign.  Uinta’s custom designed and proprietary “compass bottle” makes its debut in distinctive new packaging this month.

Inspired by an upcoming 20th anniversary, Uinta Brewery sought a fresh approach in showcasing its products while maintaining the classic Uinta feel which reflects an appreciation for the outdoors and the timeless beauty of the mountain west.  The process enabled Uinta to clearly define three lines of beers under the Uinta Family:  the Classic LineOrganic Line and Crooked Line.

Uinta designed a custom, proprietary 12 ounce bottle as part of the redesign project. Referred to as the “compass bottle,” the new bottle shape is branded by a 360-degree compass embossed into the bottle’s shoulder.  The upshot?  You’ll never get lost with a Uinta bottle in hand!  Naturally, adopting the proprietary bottle gave rise to the need for a substantial investment in new bottling line equipment.

The new logo embodies the uniqueness of the company’s namesake, the Uinta Mountains.  A compass is integrated into the logo with the needle pointing East-West, referencing the only major range facing East-West in the continental U.S.. The compass also speaks to Uinta’s sense of exploration and direction as Uinta consistently strives to brew the best beer possible. “Earth, Wind and Beer” remains part of the logo referring to Uinta’s long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship. A separate renewable energy logo has been added to packaging as Uinta Brewing has become both wind and solar powered!

Uinta’s “Organic Line” replaces the Four+ Series.  The Organic Line includes three full-time brands:  ‘Baba’ Black Lager (New!),  ‘Wyld’ Extra Pale Ale; and  ‘Monkshine’ Belgian Blonde Ale. The line features four seasonal brands: ‘Hazel’ Amber Wheat (new!); ‘Punk’n’ Harvest Pumpkin Ale; ‘Sum’r’ Summer Ale; and ‘Hyve’ Honey Ale.  The ‘Organic Mix’r’ is the new organic sampler pack and features Wyld and Baba with a rotating Organic Seasonal. Organic Line beers range from 4.0 to 6.8% alcohol by volume (abv).

Uinta’s “Classic Line” will consist of eight full-time brews varying from 4.0 to 10.4% abv: ‘Hop Notch’ IPA (New!); ‘Cutthroat’ Pale Ale;  ‘Dubhe’ Imperial Black IPA; Anniversary Barley Wine’;  ‘Golden Spike’ Hefeweizen; ‘Hoodoo’ Kolsch; ‘King’s Peak’ Porter; and ‘Trader’ Session IPA. The seasonal brands include ‘Bristlecone’ Brown Ale; ‘Yard Sale’ Winter Lager; and ‘Skipping Stone’ Summer Lager.

Uinta’s ‘Crooked Line’ preserves its tradition of engaging local artists to design the labels for untraditional beers packaged in 750ml cork finished bottles. However, both the wirehood and the cork were updated through the redesign. The Crooked Line currently consists of four full time brands: ‘Cockeyed Cooper’ Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine, ‘Detour’ Double IPA, ‘Labyrinth’ Black Ale, and ‘Tilted Smile’ Imperial Pilsner.  Alcohol content ranges from 9% to 13.2% abv. Seasonal and limited brews will be released in the future under the Crooked Line. Look for Jacked Imperial Pumpkin at 10.31% abv this September.

Fulfilling consumer demand, no beer recipes were altered during the redesign. Uinta beer drinkers may depend upon the same high quality beer they have come to expect, and will hopefully be pleased with some new additions to the family.