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Inside SweetWater’s Experience (Part 1) [VIDEO]

This weekend is SweetWater Brewing Company’s annual 420 Fest.  The fine folks at SweetWater are back in Candler Park for their 9th Annual 420 Fest, going down this weekend. It’s a celebration of music, art, community, charity, and of course, beer. Throughout the weekend, festival goers who are “here for a good time” can enjoy rotating live music acts, an artist market, comedy, and a new tent this year: the SweetWater Experience.

The experience an opportunity for SweetWater to connect with their fans in a new way, featuring over 20 unique styles of beer including some exclusive, one time only options. Founder Freddy Bensch and SweetWater media mogul Steve Farace explain a new addition to the festival – The SweetWater Experience.