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If you drunkenly drop the new iPhones in beer, it will probably survive

iPhone Xs Beer Dunking

SquareTrade, an Allstate Insurance owned electronic device insurance company, recently put the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max to a series of rigorous tests.

Apple touts this series of iPhones as having the most durable glass (as usual) which the company puts to the test in the video. According to the test results, the Xs Max scored better on front and back drop tests than the smaller XS.

Perhaps even more interestingly, Apple touts these phones as having the highest water resistance when compared to previous phones. That would be good if you are walking to work and get caught in a surprise thunderstorm. But what if you accidentally drop your phone into a vat of beer? You’re all drinkers. We don’t know how you get down.

Using 138 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, SquareTrade dropped both phones into 5 feet of the lager for 30 minutes. Both phones came out fine. You’ll be able to clean them off and send your endless stream of drunken selfies without issue.

The front and back glass still break pretty damn easy, but damn if they won’t repel beer.

The more you know ?.