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Hurricane Sandy: The Drinking Game

This little nugget of alcoholic fun comes from As “Frankenstorm wreaks havoc, many of my northeastern friends grabbing beer and settling in for a wet one. (That’s what she said.) Weather forecasts during hurricanes and blizzards scream drinking game. Karri Peifer has one for ya. []

The Hurricane Sandy Drinking Game

  • National weather news goes 3 full minutes without mentioning New York City: drink.
  • Someone uses the term “hunker down”: drink.
  • Newscaster says the storm is moving north / northwest: drink. Cheer.
  • Any shot of a barren supermarket aisle: drink. Extra drink for every random, sad item still featured on shelf.
  • Newscaster or official reminds people not to rush out into a downpour and physically handle downed, live power lines: drink.
  • Local news cuts to correspondent and audio isn’t working: chug till they figure it out and cut the feed.
  • A shot of idiots running on a beach in a mandatory evacuation area: one drink per idiot.
  • The word “historic”: drink.
  • Mention of a boardwalk: drink.
  • Local news shot of car driving through a small, roadway pond: chug till it’s out.
  • Local news encourages you to post your storm photos on their Facebook: drink.
  • A weatherman literally falls over: take a shot.