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Hebrew Funky Jewbelation Kickoff At The Porter

Tomorrow at 6pm, The Porter Beer Bar will tap the first Atlanta kegs of Shmaltz Brewing’s  Funky Jewbelation (5 barrel aged blend of 5 beers.)

In addition to Funky, there will be a few extra beers on tap (Click for more info): Human Blockhead, Lenny’s RIPA, and Genesis.

The Porter Beer Bar – 4/18/12, 6 pm 
1156 Euclid Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30307


3 thoughts on “Hebrew Funky Jewbelation Kickoff At The Porter

  1. I haven’t been able to locate the 22oz. bottles.  Does anyone know if they are out yet.  Thought they were supposed to hit late March.

      • I am up in Gwinnett.  I typically shop Beverage Superstore, Smoke Rise Bottle shop, Pkg,29, Tower.  Haven’t gotten a chance to hit Green’s yet (I know they usually get everything Schmaltz). Thought Tower might have it but did not see it when I was there last. Thanks!  I appreciate the help.

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