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Heavy Seas Takes Jab at Natty Boh

Looks like Heavy Seas will be the first brewery to fire at National Bohemian. The affectionately nicknamed Natty Boh hails from The Land of Pleasant Living, well at least it used to before they were bought by Pabst Brewing Company, and likes to boast being Baltimore’s ‘official’ beer since the 1960’s. Natty Boh has custom pounder cans featuring their one-eyed Mr. Boh in an Orioles uniform and proudly supports their former home city, but alas their beer is no longer brewed in Baltimore. Above we see a shirt from Heavy Seas, which shown by the shirt is actually brewed in Baltimore, taking a little jab at Mr. Boh. Could this be the beginning of a Baltimore beer battle? Will DuClaw join in the fun too? Will Mr. Boh ever find his other eye?