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Heavy Oak Aged “the Big DIPA” (Official Art)

Heavy Seas’s new Uncharted Waters lineup will be an exciting addition to 2013. Bourbon Aged Siren Noire will kick off the series in January. Not long after, expect a the Big DIPA’s return, as an oak aged version of it’s former self.

The English used to ship their biggest pale ales to India in oak barrels. Big DIPA harkens to that time, when beer had a distinctive oak character and a full herbal and earthy hop flavor. To round out the obscene among of hops and strong malt backbone in this beer, we add oak spirals to the tanks, allowing the beer to mellow as if on it’s own voyage.

Style: Imperial IPA (Oak Aged)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: March, 2013

10.5% ABV 

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