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Harpoon, Rock Art, Farmstead Help The Alchemist

The Alchemist Brewpub & Brewery is hard at work after the Vermont flood in August.

3 weeks later:

– electrical work is being completed.

– new concrete slabs are on the way

– Even though tanks were on their sides post flood, the beer had to be dumped out and the tanks stood up but they were just fine.

– Some tanks were still not only under pressure, but on their feet.  El Jefe, Shut The Hell Up! Heretic, and Luscious.  Issue now was how to save the beer.

– Alchemist reached out to Harpoon Brewing, who didn’t think twice at sending kegs up there to transfer the beer.

When I went to release the top pressure on the El Jefe, it began to absolutely GUSH out of the top of the tank. So, here I was, 8:30 in the morning, completely soaked in beer, my hair full of hops, my boots full of delicious IPA. A total loss. Up next was the tank of Shut The Hell Up! Same thing, a total gushing loss. I crossed my fingers on the next two, and to my relief, they were totally salvageable.

Heretic and Luscious survived!

The Heretic is a 9.9% Imperial IPA, and Luscious is an 11% imperial stout slated for November release.  They were saved and sent back to Harpoon for safe keeping.

In need of more assistance – Rock Art Brewing in Vermont is lending a hand.  They took the kegs that Harpoon was keeping, and with the help of Farmstead Brewing, primed the kegs and bottled the beer.

On October 8th, 2011 the bottles will be sold that The Alchemist Brewpub, benefitting the rebuild.   They want people to to see the shell of the pub before it is restored back to it’s previous glory.  [TheAlchemist]