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Half Acre’s Winter Offering: Tomten

“Deep in the grip of the midwinter cold
The stars glitter and sparkle.
All are asleep on this lonely farm,
Deep in the winter night.
The pale white moon is a wanderer,
snow gleams white on pine and fir,
snow gleams white on the roofs.
The tomte alone is awake.”

-excerpt from “Tomten”, a poem by Viktor Rydberg, 1881.

Yep, sounds about right this time of year, at least where I am. After much deliberating over what beer they could make that all of them could enjoy, Half Acre Beer Tomten was born. It boasts a fruity aroma with its amber base and comes in at a nice 6.7%. Be sure to grab a growler of this relaxing winter beer when it launches January 11 and share it with friends while admiring the snowy fir trees by your fireplace.

Style: Amber Ale
Availability: Bottles, Draft

6.7% ABV

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