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Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale launches in bottles October 19th

Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale

Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale will be released by the brewery on October 19th.

Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale was once a brewpub exclusive that has been tapped for larger scale production. The pumpkins comes from the brewery’s Pint Size Farm in Bath, Ohio and roasted in the brewpub kitchen.

The unpacking of a forgotten wool sweater, distant sounds of a high school marching band practice, a sudden craving for hot soup. The chill of fall creeps steadily into our bones. Before long, there will be frost on the pumpkins, so we figured we might as well put them to good use while we can. Meant to inspire bonfire balladry and impromptu leafpile diving, our Pumpkin Ale is warm, inviting, and golden like a plaid flannel blanket lit by a harvest moon.

Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale is a 22 ounce bottle offering, available in the brewery’s gift shop. Draft in select markets.

Style: Pumpkin Ale (w/ Spices)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft. Seasonal release.
Bottle launch: 10/19/15

5.4% ABV, 15 IBUs

4 thoughts on “Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale launches in bottles October 19th

      • I think we need to have everyone sit down and evaluate when beer seasons exist in a calendar year. I have fall and winter seasonals in my store right now. Like. Winter. Already. Troegs is just dropping their Pumpkin beer as well….and Mad Elf hits PA next week. It’s just irritating from the retail point of view.

  1. Great Lakes uses their own pumpkins from this years crop, hence the timing (pumpkins must be ready to harvest). Most brews that come out early use canned pumpkins and syrups. Worth the wait!

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