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Goose Island Visits Killer Mike [VIDEO]

Last week was Goose Island’s Migration Week in Atlanta. The week long GI celebration brings some crazy rare beer to each city (Bourbon County anyone) along with brewers and members of the team. You’ll see some of the beer drool below.

Of all the bars and restaurants the group hit during the week, one stop was a little different. Rapper Killer Mike’s barber shop. First off, if you don’t know his rap talents, you most assuredly have heard him on OutKast’s “The Whole World” track. Plus, over the summer Killer Mike and El-P did a collaboration with Goose Island called Run the Jewels. That beer debuted at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Killer Mike came to Chicago, brewed beer and hung out. It was time to return the favor. With beer of course.

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  1. Way to put that crazy picture of me Reid! Geez! But thanks for the story and video it’s awesome! Please visit us soon!

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