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Golden Road Debuts Wolf Among Weeds IPA (PR)

If there was ever a ‘Wolf Among Weeds,’ it’s Golden Road Brewing’s bullish President Meg Gill.

At 27-years-old, Gill is reportedly the youngest female brewery owner in the world and her latest move was as strategic as wolf stalking it’s prey.

Yesterday she launched the company’s newest canned offering, ‘Wolf Among Weeds IPA,’ a hop-heavy Double IPA that checks in at 8-percent ABV. It’s the first installment in Gill’s recently established ‘Custom IPA Series,’ which she said will serve as Golden Road’s seasonal program.

“We felt like we had an opportunity, that, instead of doing a traditional seasonal program based on winter ‘dark beer’ months or summer ‘light beer’ months, we could bring both a style and a category to life in Los Angeles,” she said. “We felt like the IPA category was a good investment and that it would also attract new consumers to craft beer in general.”

Gill said the new beer is definitely a departure from the company’s current offerings — Point The Way IPA and Hefeweizen — which she admits are more approachable and built for everyday consumption.

“These are 4-packs that are more ‘dare to be adventurous’ and less sessionable,” she said.

And the release of Wolf Among Weeds is no doubt timed to coincide with the August 2nd celebration of ‘IPA Day,’ a toast for beer enthusiasts around the globe to celebrate the popular hoppy style.

Only 548 cases of the beer were made, all of which have since been sold to distributors.

“We kept about 30 cases for the pub, but those sold out immediately,” she said.

An extremely limited amount of Wolf Among Weeds is available at Whole Foods and specialty beer shops around Los Angeles. It retails for $11.99 per 4-pack, the same price point as Golden Road’s 6-pack core offerings.

Gill said she plans to make at least one more addition to the Custom IPA Series this year and will then look to add third and fourth IPA’s in 2013 to complete a full ‘seasonal’ schedule.

Release from Golden Road Brewing is below: 

LOS ANGELES, CA — Just in time for National IPA Day on August 2nd, Golden Road Brewing is proud to debut their Custom IPA Series with their newest canned beer, Wolf Among Weeds, a hop-heavy Double IPA.

Named after the hop species it showcases, Humulus Lupulus, Wolf Among Weeds is the inaugural beer in Golden Road’s Custom IPA series, which celebrates California’s enthusiasm for hop-forward IPAs. Says Golden Road President Meg Gill, “Wolf is our newest tribute to California, a balanced IPA that really lets the hops shine. It’s no secret that people in Southern California absolutely love IPAs — so to honor that love we’re excited to create a line of custom IPAs that build on that style and get creative with new offerings.” Fans of the hop-heavy style will be pleased to know Golden Road plans to release two to three custom IPAs into the series annually.

Wolf Among Weeds joins Golden Road’s two flagship canned beers, Point the Way IPA and Golden Road Hefeweizen on the shelf, and is available for sale at the Pub at Golden Road Brewing, and in limited release throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  With an 8% ABV this beer boasts fresh pine sap and tropical fruit notes that are mirrored in its aroma and flavor profile. Beers in the Custom IPA Line will be available in Golden Road’s signature tall-boy 16oz cans, and will retail in packs of four.


Golden Road Brewing was founded in October 2011 by Tony Yanow and Meg Gill, who are committed to bringing fresh beer to market in the most sustainable way possible.  Golden Road Brewing is the maker of Los Angeles’ only canned craft beer, packaged in 16 once cans to deliver an honest pint. Golden Road Brewing and The Pub at Golden Road Brewing are located at 5410 W. San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90039. For more information, please

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