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Fruit beer.  Yeah, I said it.  For some that’s an instant turn off.  For many I’ve been talking to recently (guys and girls alike) it’s intriguing.  With good reason.  There are beers in the past that have given fruit beers a bad name.  Syrupy, sticky, sugary.  Almost like something you picked up at a 7-11.  Which is not to say that this beer I’m about to speak of will change your life, but it is different.  It’s called “Fruli”.  There are those 2 dots over the u in the name but I can’t figure out how to make that happen on a keyboard.  If you can, comment on the post. (Don’t be mean, I’ll delete you. Ass.)  Fruli hails from Belgium.  Here’s the story-

Fruli starts off as a Belgian White beer.  Unfiltered, hints of coriander, orange peel and spice.  Then it gets interesting.  It gets blended with fruit juice.  Namely strawberries.  Real ones. Fresh ones.  The result?  A beer that is suitable for hot days, or dessert.  Granted, this beer isn’t going to  impress the macho man, or uber beer geek.  However, if you are someone who like fruit beers, or just like a little flavor experimentation, Fruli is a beer foryou.  Mind ? No.  Interesting?  Yes.  I’ll remember this beer.  It’s unique.

Taste Expectations: Strawberries.  I’ll say it again.  Strawberries.  It is sugary, with a beer binder that brings it all together.  It’s like a dessert at the end of a drinking session.

Availability: 8.4oz/4 packs.  Capped and foil topped.  Estimated retail, $10

4.1% ABV

Fun Fact – The beer has a fan site

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  1. I recently had this on a trip to NYC. I’m also wondering where in Atlanta I can find this. Green’s maybe?

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