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Frozen Pints Merges Beer & Ice Cream

Frozen Pints is an Atlanta, Georgia based ice creamery specializing in beer ice cream.  The flavors of great beer and the awesomeness of ice cream make Frozen Pints a no brainer, and when you hear the flavors you’ll start salivating.

There are 6 offerings by Frozen Pints:

Peach LambicEuropean sophistication meets southern comfort. The lightest of our options, juicy peaches and a lingering tartness combine for an almost champagne-like finish. You’ve had peach ice cream, but never like this

Honey IPA – Hopheads rejoice! A classic American IPA showcases strong hop flavors that are tempered with a local honey. The result? A full, well-balanced flavor laced with floral notes. Bitter sweet perfection.

Brown Chip Ale – A traditional Brown Ale brings hints of roasted hazelnuts, and sweet milk chocolate chips do what they do best. It’s an experience you’ll want to repeat time and again.

Cinnamon Espresso Stout – Wake up your taste buds with this bold flavor. Robust coffee, oak and vanilla flavors abound; Vietnamese cinnamon ties it all together. As complex as it is delicious.

Vanilla Bock – This is the one that started it all. A complex Bock paired with Madagascar vanilla. The hints of banana, dark fruit and cloves in this sweet cream will make your taste buds sing.

Malted Milk Chocolate Stout – For the chocaholics… this creamy chocolate stout is enhanced with rich malted milk in a simple yet satisfying blend. Short and sweet.

Frozen Pints has been making appearances around festivals in Atlanta (so hot. Ice cream makes sense.)  With plans for retail and larger sales area in the future. [FrozenPints via @PasteMagazine]