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Four Loko Making “Cocktail” Drinks

Four Loko was first introduced in 2005 as a boozy malt beverage with four ingredients, alcohol,caffeinetaurine, and guarana.

The mix of alcohol and energy ingredients (along with some related deaths) got Four Loko banned in a few states. In 2010, Drink Four Brewing Company (the Four Loko arm of Phusion Products) reintroduced the malt beverage (in some states) without the energy components.

In March, Phusion agreed to halt production of all caffeinated alcohol products, and $400K to regulators.

In a potential marketing move, in addition tto all the fruity flavors Four Loko produces (we’re talking Grape, Strawberry, Lemonade, etc) the company looks to be creating “craft” cocktail recipes to expand the lineup.

Coming to a gas station near you.