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Founder’s Nemesis CONFIRMED!

Founder’s Brewing has been a VERY popular addition to the Atlanta beer scene in 2010.   Some of the limited offerings came and went in a matter of hours – namely Backwood’s Bastard.  Well, if you missed that rarity there is yet another for you to jockey for – Founder’s Nemesis.  Started arriving in Atlanta today!

If you take a look at Founder’s website it is nothing short of ambiguous about what Nemesis actually is.  From their description –

“What you have here is a rarity. A special, one-of-a-kind ale that is only made once a year. Sometimes that’s all. Forever. No more. Nada. Limited-time only. You never know what you’re gonna get. But you can be sure that it’ll be damn tasty.”

2009 marks the first release of Nemesis.  It will be brewed in VERY limited batches and sold in bottles.  This year’s run will apparently be a Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Wheat Wine.   The oak barrels were used to aged Michigan maple syrup at one point, as they were also used to age bourbon.   Estimated ABV 12+% ABV.

Official Description –

“The 2009 release of Nemesis is best described as a Maple Bourbon barrel aged wheat wine holding 12.5% abv and 70 ibu’s. The barrels have been resting deep in the mines of Grand Rapids for nearly 9 months which have been most effective in developing a great product. The Bourbon barrels we used in this creation were once used to age Maple syrup from northern Michigan, then emptied, and procured for our use in aging this beer. The combination of American oak, Kentucky Bourbon, Michigan Maple syrup and our golden/tan wheat ale has provided a delicious malty sweet ale distinctive of strong vanilla and bourbon notes.”

Sightings – The Porter Beer Bar (via @curtdawsey)  9 pm 2/16. (SOLD OUT)

Tower ATL ( Buckhead) – Had a few earlier today. 2/17  Must ask employee for bottles.

Green’s (Buf Hwy) – 4 pks – 17.99, low quantity. 2/17, 5.45 pm  (via  @Matthew_Kiefer)

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