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Flying Fish Headed for Georgia?

A twitter friend @SquirrelStash tipped me off to this.  It looks like Flying Fish Brewing (Cherry Hill, NJ) is headed to Georgia.  Details on Flying Fish’s webpage divulge that Georgia is on the New Jersey based breweries radar.  Great news to be sure, however seems like they may have to change their approach when it comes to Georgia.

On their website, Flying Fish mentions that they are working with Total Wine & More to bring their beer to other states.   In Georgia, all beer must come through a distributor. Also, stores can not have exclusivity rights to one brand/brewery.  So… Flying Fish would have to be available for purchase by Hop City/Tower/Greens etc  to fall within state law.

Now, I would love to have more breweries to choose from of course.  I just reached out to Flying Fish for get some information- but they have not returned the phone call yet… More to follow –

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